How to Be Confident

by Amanda Lynn Joyce

A quick pick me up when your feeling insignificant


  • A positive attitude
  • An open mind
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Everyone has flaws. The faster you learn to accept that the easier it will be to realize that you are not alone. Everyone has personal issues ranging from body image, education, wealth etc.

    Step 2

    Perception is also key. How you perceive yourself will be how others perceive you, but don't change your personality for the sake of others. Lead by example ;)

    Step 3

    If your having a tough time blossoming into your wonderful self give these next steps a try

    Step 4

    Be creative! Draw, paint, dance, act, play music, play with your food! Find an artistic medium that you enjoy, even if your not good at it.

    Step 5

    Travel as much as you can. A change in scenery does wonders on the brain. Take in as much of the world around you as possible. Only you can prevent forest adventures!

    Step 6

    Be weird. Be soooo totally weird. Why? Because you know it's fun to be weird and doggone it if you can pull off a hat like this painted lady can you instantly have my respect.

    Step 7

    Don't be afraid to be weird around others. Candice and I have been weird for years and it's the best friendship I've ever had. Having a good support system will always boot your morale

    Step 8

    Just have fun. What's the point of being alive if you can't be happy? Find what makes you happy and do it. Don't let others stop you (unless you might hurt someone..then they should probably stop you)

    Step 9

    So now that your all lathered up with your newfound confidence go out there and take the world by storm! You'll be much happier. Trust me ;)