How to Bake Sticky Muffins

by Sara Olson


  • Bowl
  • Cupcake Pan
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    All you need is eggs, flour, vanilla sugar, granulated suger, butter, baking powder and cocoa.

    Step 2

    Turn on the oven to 200 degrees celsius.

    Step 3

    Melt 100 grams of butter and then let it cool down.

    Step 4

    Whisk together 2 ½ cup granulated sugar with 2 eggs until it gets fluffy.

    Step 5

    Beat in the remaining ingredients, 2 cups flour, 4 tablespoons cocoa, 1.5 teaspoon vanilla sugar, 0.5 teaspoon baking powder and the butter.

    Step 6

    Pour the batter into muffin cups.

    Step 7

    Put it in the owen for 10-12 minutes.

    Step 8

    While you wait for the muffins to be done, you can lick the bowl.

    Step 9

    You can devour them about 30 minutes after you took them out of the oven.