How to Bake Drunken Prune Brownie

by Sunny Flemingo

Rich, decadent classic.


  • 250 Grams Good Quality dark Chocolate, chopped
  • 150 Grams Butter, room temperature
  • ½ Cups Firmly packed dark brown sugar
  • 3 Eggs, room temperature
  • ½ Cups Plain Flour
  • 2 Tablespoons Unsweetened Cacao Powder
  • ¾ Teaspoons Baking Powder
  • 100 Grams Pitted Prunes
  • 2 Tablespoons Brandy/ Marsala
  • 100 Grams Walnuts, toasted
  • Icing sugar, to dust
  • ¼ Teaspoons Salt
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Preheat oven to 160 deg C. Grease a shallow slice tin.

    Step 2

    Half pitted prunes and add warm brandy or marsala. Soak for 30 minutes

    Step 3

    Melt butter and cooking dark chocolate. Add salt.

    Step 4

    Add dark brown sugar, eggs to the chocolate mixture. Whisk till well combined.

    Step 5

    When whisked well the chocolate mixture will turn pale, as you can see.

    Step 6

    Now add the balance dry ingredients. Fold with a spatula.

    Step 7

    Mix till well combined.

    Step 8

    Now add the pitted prunes and the toasted walnuts. Combine with a spatula.

    Step 9

    Pour the mixture in the prepared tin and smooth the top. Bake for 35-40 minutes. Test with a skewer till it comes out clean.

    Step 10

    Lift out the brownie from the baking tin. Cut into squares and serve dusted with icing sugar or cocoa powder, if desired.