How to Bake a Simple and Tasty Chocolate Cake-Brownies

by Jeer Saidin


Step 1

Using microwave, melt 200g of butter and 175g of chocolate bar

Step 2

Mix well. Im using cadbury chocolate with hazelnut bar.

Step 3

Add two caps of vanilla essence in the chocolate mixture

Step 4

Pour in three big spoons of condensed sweetened milk

Step 5

Add two eggs to the chocolate mixture

Step 6

Put two big spoons of flour in a separate bowl, add also two big spoons of icing sugar

Step 7

Add in one and a half big spoon of cocoa powder

Step 8

Add in a pinch of salt and a little bit of bicarbonate soda

Step 9

Add in a teaspoon of coffee powder

Step 10

Mix the dry ingredient well

Step 11

Mix the dry and wet ingredient in one bowl

Step 12

Mix well

Step 13

Make sure all the dry ingredient has dissolved

Step 14

Pour into a square tray covered with kitchen paper

Step 15

Spread the mixture and put it in a 190 degree celcius oven for about 20 to 25 minutes

Step 16

You can tell when it is done. Use a wooden stick to check on the cake. Clean surface means it is done

Step 17