How to Attach Photo/video to Email Message From iPhone.

by Gregory Sargent

This guide will show you how to attach a photo/video attachment from within iPhone email app.📷📹😎


  • 1 iPhone with iOS 6. 📱
  • 1 Photo worth sharing 😏
  • 1 Minute to kill 🕐
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Tap and hold until the magnifying glass pops up then let go. Now tap the arrow to reveal the attachment menu.

    Step 2

    Shazam! Guess what's next?! Yep you nailed it! Tap insert photo/video button!

    Step 3

    Choose album.

    Step 4

    Choose photo or video.

    Step 5

    Like magic! Your photo/video is now in your email body! Now you can send all those old non-smartphone using people (grammy/gramps) your selfies and food shots! 😜