How to Assemble a Luke Lamp

by Edwin Tofslie

You can find amazing unique lamp creations at


  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Pen ( optional )
  • Eraser ( just in case )
  • Paper ( any kind )
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    So here it is enjoy!!!!!!! ( and I kinda changed the first drawing be cause of its difficulty so I hope u don't mind )

    Step 2

    Now start with your paper horizontally

    Step 3

    Now draw a light sketch of an oval kind of circle with two " squiggle " lines in the middle

    Step 4

    Now draw the sketch of the top part of the head

    Step 5

    Now ad the bottom jaw, nostrils, the thingy ( I forgot wat it's called sry) over the eye, and the beginning of the horns

    Step 6

    Now add some line to the face in the nostril and bottom jaw area add the eye and some bumps on the eye thingy

    Step 7

    Now ad the horns and spikes going across the neck then add the ear thingy

    Step 8

    Now finalize it erase the stray lines and the sketches of the head shade it in and voila a realistic dragon head that will make your friends say wow!!! ( u can darken it more with pen optional )

    Step 9

    Tell me if u like it and comment below about it and also do u guys want to see my drawings that I have made over time? Comment below and make sure to like 😋😋 bye