How to Arrange: 1-800-Flowers® Beary Cheerful™

by BloomNet Floriology Institute

How to arrange: 1-800-FLOWERS® Beary Cheerful™ and all other Beary arrangements.


Step 1

Place 1 brick of foam inside liner of basket.

Step 2

Take 1/3 brick of foam and 4 sticks, place piece of foam on top of the whole brick and stake on all 4 sides with floral picks.

Step 3

Use 3 football mums to make the bear face. Tape stems together and insert into top of foam.

Step 4

Add 1 carnation on either side of head for ears.

Step 5

Create belly using 1 football mum in the center with 1 carnation on either side of mum. Build arms by inserting stems directly into the foam (3 on each side).

Step 6

Each leg is designed directly into the floral foam (2 football mums on each side). You should now have a completed “Beary.”