How to Apply Quick Settings in the Control Center in iOS7

by Martin Storbeck

iOS7's new control center allows you to turn on or off Bluetooth, change brightness, control music and much more. Check it out...


  • iDevice running iOS7
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Control Center is integrated in iOS7. Access it by swiping up from the bottom edge of your screen.

    Step 2

    Then you'll see the control center.

    Step 3

    Here is how to access control center

    Step 4

    You can do this anywhere - on your home screen (upper left), you lockscreen (upper right), in any app (lower left) and while navigating (lower right)

    Step 5

    So, what can you do with it??

    Step 6

    On the top, you can quickly turn on and off Flight Mode, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb Mode and Rotation Lock.

    Step 7

    Below you can adjust your screen brightness

    Step 8

    Control playback of music and volume from the middle section

    Step 9

    You can enable Airdrop to send pictures, videos and other stuff to a device nearby

    Step 10

    Enable AirPlay to send audio or video to your Apple TV, Airport Express or other AirPlay devices.

    Step 11

    On the bottom you can enable your flashlight, set an alarm and open the Calculator and the Camera app.