How to Apply Magnetic Nail Polish

by Amber Slaton

A quick look at how to apply magnetic nail polish. It's super easy and looks awesome!


  • Magnetic Nail Polish
  • Base/Top Coat
  • Nail File and Clippers (optional)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Step 2

    First apply your clear base coat. Allow to dry.

    Step 3

    Apply a thin layer of your polish and let dry.

    Step 4

    On the next step you have to be quick! You will apply a thick coat of polish and then put the magnet over the nail and hold for 15 seconds. Don't do it yet!

    Step 5

    If your magnet has a guide, practice using it. Place behind the cuticle and then hold the magnet over the nail, very close but be sure not to touch it!

    Step 6

    Now that you've practiced, go ahead and apply your second coat, immediately followed by the magnet. Do one nail at a time.

    Step 7

    Once completely dry, top with a clear coat and enjoy the gorgeous results!!