How to Apply Chenille It to the Edge of Pillows

by Pate Meadows Designs

This is for a really quick and simple pillow without a zipper. If you are an experienced seamstress and you prefer to have a zipper in yours you can add one during the construction process.


  • 1 Chenille-It Blooming Bias 3/8"
  • 1 Chenille-It Blooming Bias 5/8"
  • 1 Feather/down Pillow Form
  • Enough Fabric for Pillow Front and Back
  • Scizzors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cut your pillow front and back 1" larger than your pillow. I'm using two fabrics. My pillow insert is 12 x 18 so I cut mine 13 x 19

    Step 2

    I have a serger so I served around all 4 sides of the pillow front and back to finish off the edges but it isn't necessary.

    Step 3

    If you don't have a serger just turn up 1/2" and press to the wrong side as shown

    Step 4

    Stitch the Chenille-It to the edges of the right side of the pillow front and back. You can use 1 layer but I'm using 2 layers on each side. 3/8" and 5/8". More is better!

    Step 5

    When you have applied it to all 4 sides of the pillow front and back pin pillow front to back at the corners, wrong sides together

    Step 6

    Begin stitching along the bottom about 3" from the bottom left corner of the pillow. Stitch all the way around to the bottom right corner of the pillow

    Step 7

    Make the turn and stitch about 3 inches along the bottom edge of the pillow and stop. Not continuing to the starting point allows for an opening to insert the pillow.

    Step 8

    Your opening will look like this

    Step 9

    Press it out really good and clip your strings. Now throw it in the wash and dry

    Step 10

    Wallah!!! Can you believe how it fluffs up!!!

    Step 11

    Press the fabric and check to make sure you caught the pillow in the seams. If not stitch over any gaps

    Step 12

    Start working the pillow form into the pillow

    Step 13

    Being careful not to rip the seam. Fold the pillow in the middle and it will work into the opening easier.

    Step 14

    Work the pillow into all the corners then pin your opening closed

    Step 15

    Stitch the opening closed trying to stitch along the same stitch line the trim is applied with

    Step 16

    I don't know which side I like best ..... the white .......

    Step 17

    Or the gray!