How to Alter a Jigsaw/puzzle Piece With Masks

by Angela Drummond

Altered Jigsaw piece using masks from SplodgeAway


Step 1

Coat your puzzle piece with Gesso if you are going to apply paint or ink to it

Step 2

Paint the piece with the base colour of your choice, here I used Seedless preserves distress paint

Step 3

Using a mask over the top of your piece, paint through the mask with a lighter colour.

Step 4

Squeeze some stickles glue onto a non porous surface and use a pallette knife or similar to spread over a different mask.

Step 5

Place the mask over the piece again, lining up with the stickles layer and apply a coat of clear texture paste This allows the gliter to show through the raised texture.

Step 6

Allow the texture paste to dry before adding embelishments to finish off your piece. Heating with a heat gun will cause the paste to bubble which can be cool but only if you want that effect.

Step 7

Add flowers, pins, text or any other embellishments to finnish off your puzzle piece.