How to Alter a Canvas With a Bird Theme

by Art Anthology

I've been waiting for the perfect project to use these embroidery hoops from my craft stash! I gave them a beautiful purpose with some embellishments and Art Anthology Paints, Sprays, and Stencils!!


  • Dazzle Sorbet Paint
  • Vegas Gold Sorbet Paint
  • Pixie Sorbet Paint
  • Panache Minx Ink
  • Peacock Colorations Spray
  • Siesta Key Colorations Spray
  • Blossom Stencil
  • Dottie Stencil
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    When I have a fairly good idea for a project, I like to gather a bunch of things I think I might use. This may change throughout the creating part....but it's great inspiration!

    Step 2

    I started out adding a thick dabbed coat of Dazzle Sorbet to three resin pieces and some book page leaves I made.

    Step 3

    Next I added some texture using the Dottie Stencil and some texture paste and dried it completely with my heat tool.

    Step 4

    For more texture I added some burlap ribbon pieces and covered the entire canvas with a coat of gesso.

    Step 5

    With the Blossom stencil, I added Peacock Colorations Spray. One right side up and one time upside down.

    Step 6

    I dab Vegas Gold paint heavily into each flower petal & in a few accent spots and dry it. Next begin I alternating spritzes of Siesta Key and small drops of Panache Minx Ink & spritzes of water.

    Step 7

    I'll keep up with the spritzing until most of the background has color. Drying the canvas with my heat tool after every few sprays, really makes for interesting patterns in the color.

    Step 8

    I play with the placement of the hoops and resin pieces before gluing them down with a nice coat of Fabri-tac glue.

    Step 9

    Now I play with the rest of the embellishments I chose. I like to take a picture of this step. That way I have a picture to come back to if I forget where I wanted anything to go! :)

    Step 10

    When everything is glued down I water down gesso & tap my paintbrush to lightly scatter a mist of white drops. I add dabs of Pixie paint & while it's still wet I put gold glitter and gold beads to it.

    Step 11

    Keep adding the glitz until you're satisfied. Looks good!!

    Step 12

    This was super fun project to create! I love using Art Anthology products with the things I a have found and and collected in my stash!

    Step 13


    Step 14

    Step 15

    I hope this inspires you to go get crafty with some Art Anthology products!

    Step 16