How to Adjust a SlideStik

by David HEISNER


Step 1

Simply 3 sticks of wood can make a holder/stand that will hold multiple items of different sizes at different angles.

Step 2

No instructions required here other than put the square peg in the square hole.

Step 3

For smaller items or for more vertical angles, move the pegs closer to the back support.

Step 4

Adjust the pegs forward for larger item or to lean the item at a more horizontal angle.

Step 5

And again.

Step 6

Hold your IPad or other tablet computer.

Step 7

Hold circular frames or plates.

Step 8


Step 9

And more signs.

Step 10


Step 11

Recipe cards. Note the one your working on can be held in the front.

Step 12

So easy anyone can use it.

Step 13

The Original SlideStik See at