How to Add Rusty Goodness to Your Chipboard Pieces.

by Toni Burks-Grijalva

Let's go play in the sand.... with our paints. Provides a wonderful easy texture for your chipboard pieces.


  • Assorted Scrapbook Papers
  • Adhesive
  • *Metal Effects-Silve
  • *Sorbet Viridian
  • *Velvet Terracotta, Kona, Tuxedo
  • Art Basics Art Stones
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Paint your chipboard pieces with a coat of Metal Effects Silver. I used a stipple brush to provide a bit more texture instead of painting it on.

    Step 2

    I love to layer my papers. It adds interest, textures and can bring out pops of colors to enhance your layout. First choose the palette of colors you want to use. I chose 5 different papers.

    Step 3

    Start ripping and inserting your papers one by one making sure to distress all the edges and ink them also. I did add corrugated cardboard as well.

    Step 4

    For my matting on the photo I added a piece of muslin which I tore to provide the rough edges.

    Step 5

    Let's give these pieces a rusty texture. Take the darkest brown you have. I added black to make it that much darker, mix together with craft sand that I purchased at the $1.00 store

    Step 6

    Allow to dry. Look at that yummy texture. You can also use Texture Powder, but the sand provides more of a chunky appeal.

    Step 7

    Terracotta colored paint mixed again with sand and using my finger I swiped it on top. Then spritz it with water, very important because it blends the two colors for more realistic rusty look. Dry

    Step 8

    To add a bit more rusty texture I added art stones here and there, adhered with 3D Gloss Gel.

    Step 9

    Take your metal effects Silver and swipe on the tops of your pieces here and there to appear like metal showing through.

    Step 10

    Start adding your chipboard pieces to your layout.

    Step 11

    I also added some washi tape for interest.

    Step 12

    For more inspiration please follow me on

    Step 13

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