How to Add Rounded Corners to Instagram Photos

by Marina Gordan

Rounded corners on photographs can give any picture a playful and nice look.


  • Instagram
  • Afterlight App
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    In this tutorial I'm going to show you how easy it is to create rounded corners with Afterlight App. I absolutely love it!

    Step 2

    As with most editing apps, Afterlight lets you snap a shot or load one from your Camera Roll.

    Step 3

    I choose this beautiful landscape. And now I want to crop it into a square format for Instagram. Follow my steps.

    Step 4

    Cropping give you a second chance to frame your photos and improve it compositions. Try to find a balance!

    Step 5

    There are some cute letter shaped frames, as well as loads of shapes like circle, triangle, heart and etc. We need Original.

    Step 6

    This frame is adjustable in size and in corner roundness. Use a slider to control the way you edit it.

    Step 7

    You can change the color of your frame to black. But white is much better because borders become invisible on Instagram.

    Step 8

    Afterlight also provides numerous adjustments and dozens of filters and textures for tweaking your photos. Try it!

    Step 9

    Done! I hope you enjoy it!