How to Add Indirect Lighting to Any Shelf Using LEGO+LED

by Martin Storbeck

You want to highlight something, maybe your LEGO collection? Here is an idea for you!


  • LEGO bricks
  • LED Strips
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    So you have some shelves you want to illuminate.

    Step 2

    Use LEGO to disguise LED strips and block the light from blinding you. Here is how to do it:

    Step 3

    First: Attach LED strips to the shelves

    Step 4

    Putting an LED strip on the shelf is easy but it looks really ugly.

    Step 5

    I even added a strip to the top and bottom of the shelves.

    Step 6

    Second: Build a frame using LEGO to block the light & hide the LED strips

    Step 7

    Later I came up with the idea to build a frame that fits the dimensions of the shelves. Using LEGO Technic bricks even allows light to shine through.

    Step 8

    Reinforce weak spots where needed.

    Step 9

    Third: Add the frame to the shelf

    Step 10

    Slide the frame onto the shelf.

    Step 11

    Using LEGO you are able to adjust to any height of wood!

    Step 12

    Last: Wait until it is dark to check out the amazing result

    Step 13

    It makes a nice indirect lighting for your collection or whatever you want to highlight.

    Step 14

    The down-facing lights provide a lot of light for late-night work sessions without blinding you while sitting there.

    Step 15

    By adjusting the distance between the LEGO frame and the LED strip you can even control the brightness & the reach of the light beam

    Step 16

    You can put the switch in a small corner...

    Step 17

    In case you manage to train R2-D2 to operate the switch, please tell me how you did it!

    Step 18

    For a 2.6 meter long LED-strip on top of my LEGO-shelf I wanted to apply the same method.

    Step 19

    I tried to use a wall of stones to hide your LED-strip - you could simply place it in front of it.

    Step 20

    Sadly after 2.1 meters, I ran out of bricks

    Step 21

    So I switched to plates. While assembling them I added a little colour to the long strip. At both ends a little hook is attached.

    Step 22

    I just put it in front of the LED strip and it looks good!

    Step 23

    The hook is securing the plates from falling down.

    Step 24

    Now it's your turn: Add some indirect lighting to your rooms!