How to Add ICE (In Case of Emergency) Contacts for iPhone

by Hoss E

Here is a simple way to add ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts to your iPhone so that Emergency Response personnel are able to contact someone if you are found unresponsive.


  • iPhone
  • Family or Friends as emergency contacts
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    NOTE: This method will prevent your contact phone numbers from being "duplicated" by using 'Notes' in your contacts rather than an actual phone number.

    Step 2

    Click 'Contacts'

    Step 3

    Click '+' to add a new contact

    Step 4

    Click 'First' to add an ICE name

    Step 5

    Type your ICE contact's name as similar to above. Make sure the contact name starts with 'ICE'. NOTE: If your contacts are sorted by last name, you may want to add this to 'Last'.

    Step 6

    Add the full name and relationship to 'Company'

    Step 7

    Click 'add field'

    Step 8

    Scroll to the bottom and add 'Notes'

    Step 9

    Add the phone number of your ICE contact to the notes section. Click 'Done' at the top.

    Step 10

    Your new ICE contact will look similar to this. You may also add an address or other relevant contact information. Simply click 'Edit' here and add information accordingly.

    Step 11

    Here is what Emergency Response personnel will see when they open your contacts on your iPhone to find your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact.

    Step 12

    DONE! Repeat the above steps to add additional ICE contacts...

    Step 13

    I have also added a contact photo that you can use for your ICE contacts. Follow the instructions on the next page...

    Step 14

    Long press on the photo and click 'Save to Library'. Edit the contact, click 'Add Photo', then click 'Choose Photo', choose the photo from your library, then follow the prompts to position and save!