How to Add Captions on Your Photos With Your iPhone&iPad

by Salih Seckin Sevinc

You can easily add captions or texts on your photos. Use it for fun or business!


  • 1 Text Here iOS App
  • 1 Photo to edit
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Download "Text Here" app from iTunes. You can search for "Text Here" in Appstore or use this link;

    Step 2

    Open the app and choose a source (Camera roll, Facebook, Instagram) or take a new photo.

    Step 3

    Select the photo you want to add captions on.

    Step 4

    You will see the shapes(arrow and circle) in the app. Tap one of them to add it on the photo.

    Step 5

    Use the shapes in the app to mention something and add captions easily on the photos. You can resize text boxes with simple screen swipes.

    Step 6

    Here are some examples of what you can do with the "Text Here" app.

    Step 7

    You can create instant buzz on your products!

    Step 8

    You can use Text Here for editing something visually or for any business purpose.

    Step 9

    Or for fun :)

    Step 10

    Or for more fun :D You can even make your own cartoons.

    Step 11

    Very easy to use interface. You can save, clear or share what you have done.

    Step 12

    Once you placed text on photos, you can share it via email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

    Step 13

    Now you know how to add captions and texts easily by using "Text Here" iPhone and iPad application. Download it from Appstore. It is just 0,99c.