How to *Actually* Share a Bathroom Drawer With Your S.O.

by Snapguide Team

This guide is in partnership with Ziploc®.


Step 1

Moving in together? There are clearly many joys to sharing a home with your S.O. but the what’s-yours-is-mine mentality can be difficult, especially when sharing small spaces—like the bathroom drawer.

Step 2

The trick is to organize your stuff + their stuff into designated spaces, but not to OVER compartmentalize. You want every product to have a home that isn’t too complicated to figure out in the AM.

Step 3

Do the Ziploc® shuffle: Use each Ziploc® lid to land on your ideal layout. When you’ve settled on the perfect arrangement, add the matching containers to the top of each lid.

Step 4

Designate each Ziploc® container for a different type of product — face stuff, hair stuff, etc. In this case, his products fills up *one* of these Ziploc® Divided Rectangle Containers.

Step 5

Some stuff never stays put… like bobby pins! Try this solution: Add a magnetic strip to the side of the drawer to keep those guys in plain sight *and* out of the way.

Step 6

The same goes for hair ties: Somehow, these tend to be everywhere or nowhere! Try a bangle with a clasp to house those hair bands.

Step 7

Just like that, you’ve successfully shared a VIP space with your new roomie. Congratulations! Now that you’ve tackled this, you two can handle anything, right? :)

Step 8

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