How to A Card "Snow Globe"

by Elena Astafeva

I love Christmas show glob very much. That's why I decided to make a card, on which there is a globe


Step 1

Step 2

Cut out the round frames of thick carton, paper and circle of transparend plastic with DIES Scrapberrys

Step 3

Stick carton frames together

Step 4

Paint them with Disress Ink

Step 5

Stick the circle of trasparent plastic

Step 6

On it stick paper frame

Step 7

Stick the picture of St.Nicholas on the THIN 3D FOAM SQUARES

Step 8

Step 9

Then stick this picture on the circle

Step 10


Step 11

Powder with glitter

Step 12

Then throw artificial snow

Step 13

Stick the circle with picture to the frames

Step 14

Take piece of cardstock sized 21x15 cm and draw a line in the middle with Martha Stewart SCORING BOARD Score Craft Tool

Step 15

Stick a piece of paper sized 10x14,5 cm and parts of book pages together

Step 16

Stick a piece of paper sized 9,5 x13,5 cm on it.

Step 17

To the basement stick future globe

Step 18

Cut out from thick carton two details for composition

Step 19

Stick to the basement and with paper on the top

Step 20

Cut out pictures

Step 21

Step 22

Stick them to the globe

Step 23

Decorate branch with glitter

Step 24

Put the phrase on it

Step 25

The card is read, we can give it as a gift