How to 13 Pool Party Essentials for a Last-Minute Shindig

by Snapguide Team

This guide is in partnership with Barefoot Wine.


Step 1

No pool party is complete without a fresh cold drink in hand as you and your friends are splashing around or laying out under the summer sun.

Step 2

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Barefoot Refresh Spritzers to give you a how-to on throwing a pool party on the fly.

Step 3

1. DIY Flower Straws: They’re super easy and quick to make in batches, so everyone at the party can top off a can with a little floral fun.

Step 4

2. DIY Pool Accessories: Watercoloring plain white cover-ups and other accessories are way less maintenance than tie-dying, but have the same summer-y effect.

Step 5

3. Barefoot Refresh Spritzers: These spritzers are a game changer. You can easily tuck these single-serve cans in your cooler, or beach bag to go out and about. Click here:

Step 6

4. The Best Mexican Corn Recipe: Corn on the cob is always a crowd-pleaser and this grilled Mexican corn recipe is great for spicing up a typical summer snack. Click here:

Step 7

5. Make Sangria: Nothing says summer better than a fresh cold pitcher of sangria. Barefoot Refresh Summer Red Spritzer makes a great base for the ultimate summer beverage.

Step 8

6. Go With the Floaties: Packing your pool with floaties is a no brainer. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty awesome drifting on a pineapple float all day long.

Step 9

7. Get a Waterproof Camera for Epic Underwater Pics: What’s better than a selfie? Underwater selfies!

Step 10

8. Remember to Use Sun Protection: It’s the worst when you come back from the pool with a sunburn. Avoid this party foul by slicking SPF on your skin and offering some to your friends.

Step 11

9. Make an Ice Cream Cake That Won’t Melt: This is the perfect cake to make as you’re throwing together a last minute summer bash. Click here:

Step 12

10. Serve Fruity Ice: Let’s be real, you’re going to be making ice anyway for your sangria, so why not dress up the ice cubes by adding summer fruits in the tray?

Step 13

11. Wear Playful Sunnies: Make a statement while shielding your eyes from the sun. These springtime flower sunglasses easily transition to summer weather.

Step 14

12. Make-Over Last Year’s Straw Hat: Add some cute quirkiness to your basic straw hat by adding pom poms to the brim. Click here for the DIY:

Step 15

13. Stock Up on Towels: Chances are, someone is going to forget to bring a towel. Save the day by offering an extra!

Step 16

Hooray for Summer!