• Maker Interview: Kathy Gori of The Colors of Indian Cooking



    Time for our latest Maker Q&A with Kathy Gori from The Colors of Indian Cooking. Her Indian recipes are mouth-wateringly delicious and we adore her guides, which her husband helps photograph. Get to know her a little bit more below.

    Snapguide: How did you get into blogging?
    Kathy: I got into blogging while doing a cooking podcast and found it was easier to explain things in written fashion with pictures than just talking about them. That started me blogging back in 2009.

    S: What do you like doing in your free time, besides making beautiful Indian food?
    K: Well I earn my living as a screenwriter so when not writing or cooking I enjoy playing my uke, mandolin, and guitar.

    S: You’re so creative! What’s your favorite ingredient to work with?
    K: I love any sort of vegetable. They’re so beautiful and versatile, and healthy too!

    S: Any guides coming up that you’re excited about?
    K: I have a very special summer ice cream recipe I’ll be posting soon.

    S: We can’t wait! Your ice cream recipes seem to include a lot of native fruits which we love. Who is your favorite maker on Snapguide right now?
    K: I really enjoy Rebekah Kazmierowicz her desserts look amazing! They’re so perfect I can’t look at them too late at night or I get too hungry.