• How to Make a Winning Contest Guide

    judges-tips-blog Curious what it takes to make a winning guide in our contests? Here are some helpful tips from the judges: 1) The winning guides find the most creative ways to incorporate the theme into their guide. Is the theme creative tea uses? Think outside the box to come up with new ways of using tea than you normally would. Is it an upcycling contest? Find an inventive way to recycle something old and make it new again! 2) Creativity and photo quality go a long way in determining winners. Top quality photos are a great way of showing how much work you’re putting into your guide. 3) Remember that images in guides cannot be copyrighted according to our Terms of Service. Please use original images! This means you must use your own photos that you’ve taken. 4) Multiple photos, clear steps, and a full list of supplies are important. Clear instructions and step-by-step photos make for the most helpful How-To guides!   Have other questions on what makes a winning contest guide? Email us and we’d be happy to answer them.   Have fun and good luck! -The Snapguide Team