• Introducing Snapguide by Brit + Co


    We’ve got some big news! We’re excited to share that starting today, Snapguide is joining the Brit + Co family. Haven’t heard of Brit + Co?! It’s an online destination for all things DIY. They provide tools to teach, inspire and unlock your creativity. Together, Brit + Co and Snapguide can both take our missions one step further and foster an even larger creative community.

    Both Snapguide and Brit + Co have been dedicated to inspiring, enabling and educating the maker community. Founder Brit Morin was also an early user of Snapguide! This makes Brit + Co the perfect place for Snapguide to continue to support makers on the platform. Likewise, Brit + Co is excited to see how their community of makers uses Snapguide to share their own DIY projects and creative pursuits.

    As a maker on Snapguide, you’ll continue to be able to discover, create and share guides. The team at Brit + Co is committed to maintaining the Snapguide you already love, while also building more ways for you to find and share your how-to’s.

    So what changes can you look forward to? A whole new community of readers, DIYers and makers will be joining the Snapguide platform. Also, Brit + Co will be sharing some of their own in-house tutorials here on Snapguide.

    We are thrilled to have Snapguide join the Brit + Co family, and look forward to our shared mission of fostering creativity and making.

  • Maker Interview: Attila Acs of High on Glue



    Check out our latest Maker Interview with High On Glue‘s Attila Acs, a wonderful leatherworker from Australia.

    Snapguide: How did you get into leather working?
    Attila: I saw a leatherworker at the local markets who stamped intricate designs into leather belts and thought to myself that I’d love to try that one day.

    S: What do you like doing in your free time (besides making beautiful leather items)?
    A: I love spending every spare minute with my baby daughter!S: What’s your favorite way to work with leather?
    A: At the moment I’m focussing on working with thinner materials like kangaroo hide. It’s incredibly strong and light which makes it perfect for smaller items like wallets and card sleeves.

    S: So cool- we can’t wait to see your new kangaroo creations. Any guides coming up that you’re excited about?
    A: Yes, I’ve been working on a few ideas (stay tuned!) and one guide will have to be revisited for new phone dimensions later this year!

    S: Who is your favorite maker on Snapguide right now?
    A: Yasuahi Ishikawa makes some beautiful stuff and has great guides. I also love browsing the explore section to find more interesting guides!

  • Maker Interview: Kathy Gori of The Colors of Indian Cooking



    Time for our latest Maker Q&A with Kathy Gori from The Colors of Indian Cooking. Her Indian recipes are mouth-wateringly delicious and we adore her guides, which her husband helps photograph. Get to know her a little bit more below.

    Snapguide: How did you get into blogging?
    Kathy: I got into blogging while doing a cooking podcast and found it was easier to explain things in written fashion with pictures than just talking about them. That started me blogging back in 2009.

    S: What do you like doing in your free time, besides making beautiful Indian food?
    K: Well I earn my living as a screenwriter so when not writing or cooking I enjoy playing my uke, mandolin, and guitar.

    S: You’re so creative! What’s your favorite ingredient to work with?
    K: I love any sort of vegetable. They’re so beautiful and versatile, and healthy too!

    S: Any guides coming up that you’re excited about?
    K: I have a very special summer ice cream recipe I’ll be posting soon.

    S: We can’t wait! Your ice cream recipes seem to include a lot of native fruits which we love. Who is your favorite maker on Snapguide right now?
    K: I really enjoy Rebekah Kazmierowicz her desserts look amazing! They’re so perfect I can’t look at them too late at night or I get too hungry.


  • Maker Interview: Marie Rayma of Humblebee & Me


    We sat down with Marie Rayma of Humblebee & Me for a Maker Interview. Her guides are beautiful. Get to know her below!

    Snapguide: How did you get into blogging?
    Marie: I started blogging so I’d have to keep doing the things I love—having a blog forces me to be accountable to my readers, so I need to make time to develop new recipes and play in the kitchen. It’s the perfect excuse 

    S: What do you like doing in your free time, besides making awesome projects?
    M: When I’m not making/sewing/cooking/DIYing, I love cycling, going to yoga, reading, and enjoying a few pints on a patio with friends. I also love traveling, and I’m always dreaming about my next trip.

    S: What’s your favorite material to work with?
    M: I’m terrible at favourites, but right now I’m really loving clay—French Green in particular. It’s amazing in soap and face masks, and my complexion has never been better since incorporating it into my weekly routine.

    S: Oh we’ll have to try clay soon! Any guides coming up that you’re excited about?
    M: I’m working on a new lip stain recipe, and I’m planing on spending some time this summer working on liquid foundation and a better concealer recipe. Fingers crossed something works out!

    S: Who is your favorite maker on Snapguide right now?
    M: I’ve been enjoying what Kara Good’s been up to—her “How to Build an Open Air Terrarium” guide is great!

    S: That’s funny, she mentioned she loved your work last week! You must be kindred maker spirits. Thanks for sitting down with us. We can’t wait to see that lipstain!

    Check out Marie’s guides here.

  • Maker Interview: Kara Good of Stitchin Good



    Get excited for our latest Maker Interview with Kara Good of Stitchin Good. Her homemade body products like lotion bars and whipped body creams are awesome and we wanted to find out what inspires her work.

    Snapguide: How did you get into crafting?
    Kara: My very sweet and bubbly Grandmother taught me how to cross stitch when I was 7 years old. I fell in love with it again in the fall of 2013, and have been enjoying every minute of it. My husband gave me hand embroidery classes as a Valentine’s Day gift, and it has been so so fun learning something new.

    S: What do you like doing in your free time, besides making awesome projects?
    K: I moved from New York City to Louisville, KY about 2 months ago. I have loved exploring what our new city has to offer. I love trying new local restaurants, popping into local shops, and I have been using my new library card a little too much.

    S: What’s your favorite material to work with?
    K: My favorite material is coconut oil. It is so versatile, and so good for you… inside and out. I truly love making my own beauty products, and it’s comforting to know each of the ingredients in the products I use.

    S: It’s delicious to cook with, too! Any guides coming up that you’re excited about?
    K: I am very excited about the Summer Smoothie contest. I have started researching different types of smoothies, and I’m excited to create an entry for the contest. I am also gearing up to create new “explore a local park” guides now that we’re in Louisville.

    S: Awesome! We can’t wait to see what you blend up. Who is your favorite maker on Snapguide right now?
    K: I am loving Marie Rayma’s guides. I share her “stubbornly DIY” outlook on life, and love her all-natural beauty products.

    S: Ha! We love that DIY commitment. Marie is great and even won the Grand Prize in our tea contest. Thanks for spending some time with us!