How to Write Calligraphy Lesson 8: Basic Majuscules O-V

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Majuscule O is the same as minuscule; start with the nib at the top, angled to the left about 45 degrees.

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Make a complete circle, maintaining nib angle.

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For P, make a trunk (with triangle embellishment), but make the trunk continue below the bottom line.

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The second stroke is circular, but flatten it when you reach the bottom line.

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To start Q, make a trunk at the right side of where the letter will be. Do not embellish the trunk, and like P, make it continue below the bottom line.

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Make a circular stroke to the left. Instead of flattening it at the end, have it curve up into the trunk.

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Begin R with a normal trunk.

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The second stroke is circular and goes from the top of the trunk to about halfway down. Terminate the stroke before it connects with the trunk.

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From there, make a downward diagonal stroke with an upward flourish at the end.

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For S, make one stroke, in an "s" shape.

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T begins with a line across the top, flourishes at both ends. You can make the line wave slightly to give it character.

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From the middle of the line, make a circular stroke that begins and ends with a thin line.

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U begins with a trunk that terminates in a very exaggerated reverse "j" curve. Make the curve terminate well above the bottom line, and make it large enough so the U doesn't look smashed.

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Make a second trunk. Do not flourish at the end, and be sure to embellish both trunks.

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Start V with a downward diagonal stroke. Flourish at the top, but not at the bottom.

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Make an upward diagonal stroke that curves back in an exaggerated flourish at the top.

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Almost done!

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