How to Use Your iPhone as a Subtitle Machine

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I realize a lot of my guides lately have been about hearing loss. But I have a lot of experience with that so I figured I'd use my experience to try and help others in some way.


But it isn't just us that have hearing loss that might need subtitles. For example subtitles in different languages. Loud rooms and can't hear the TV or movie. Bad speakers, etc…

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I also realize this won't be the best solution. But it's come in handy for me so I figured I'd share.

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Here's an image that shows one way this app can be used. But there are more ways to use it. Such as adding subtitles to videos that play on your iPhone.

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Here's another way I sometimes use it when Netflix doesn't have subtitles. Here's how it works and some of its features.

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The app is called Podnapisi.NET which is connected to their site that has the best subtitles selection I've seen online.

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First go into its settings and select the language you want to find subtitles in.

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You can search for movies by title and year.

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You can search TV shows by title, season and episode as well.

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Let's use star wars as an example. I searched for star wars english subtitles.

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It'll find them on the website.

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You have a number of options of ways to use the subtitles. You can watch the movie trailer, go to the website, open in other video apps on your device or play the subtitles.

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When you play them the subtitles appear on the screen. You can fast forward and rewind to time with your video. You can open/close controls as well.

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You can also adjust the brightness of the subtitles.

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If you chose the "Open in" option you can open the subtitles in other apps. For instance if I had star was in my AVPlayer. I'd watch it with subtitles in my AVPlayer app. Not all apps support subs.


I talked to the developer of this app and made some of the demo images you see in this guide. I recommended he change the name of it to "SubtitleR". So the name might change soon.


I know this isn't the best solution to having subtitles. But it's better then nothing sometimes. I hope someone finds it helpful.

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