How to Use Technology in Everyday Life

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My iPhone wakes me up in the morning instead of the traditional AlarmClock

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With the Withings intelligent scale, I can keep track of my weight and all the data is transferred to my iPhone or iPad.

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This is an example of the data, as you can see it keeps a history.

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With an iPad with Zite or Pulse (both apps free) you can have news delivered personally, tailored to your interests and dynamically updated. Faster than a news paper.

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Siri can take commands you would normally have to type and make them appointments, get data, and do searches.

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Use the Clear App for iPhone for simple task lists.

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Use Evernote to take notes or lists for meetings that sync back to your computer or iPhone or other mobile device

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Online-real time Document collaboration can be done easily with Google Docs. It's free too.

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Dropbox is a great utility for syncing your documents and having access anytime anywhere in an online environment or on any device. Sign up is free and you get 2 Gb to start with.

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Use the Nike Fuel Band to track your body's daily activity and sync the data wirelessly to your iOS device.

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Use to manage projects and tasks online and the iOS app to receive, assign, and manage your projects anytime, anywhere.

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