How to Use Nearpod on the Fly!

Launch this NPP whenever you want during a class to test your students' knowledge on the fly!

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Log in to the Nearpod app and look for the NPP 'Today's lesson' on the Nearpod Store. Download it to your library.

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You will find plenty of activities that you can launch at any time during the lesson. Use the scrubber below to choose the ones you want to share.

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When you share a Poll, Quiz or Q&A with your students, the question and the answers must be provided orally or written on the board. This is how they will see the activity.

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There are a few websites featured for you to take advantage of, too.

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The Nearpod's list of iPad friendly websites has been included as well. Check out all the resources available!

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And that's it :) You can use this NPP for all your lessons! You will find a few instructions on the last slide. And remember that you can clone and edit this NPP! Learn more at

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