How to Use "LUSH" Bath Bombs

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I know it sounds easy and crazy but some of you might need help.On my birthday one of my friend gave me some of lush products which are amazing.


There was a bath bomb in the box... But wait! I don't know how to use it!!!! So i started searching on youtube and everywhere till i found it.

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Here is the guide to show you how you should use your lush bath bomb

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Put the bath bomb in the tub which you have filled it with can either cut the bomb in half and use the other half later or use it as it is.color will change after it melt compeletely.


Stay in the tub and enjoy the wonderfull smell and warm water for maximum 1 hour. Lush bath bombs moisturize your skin and leave a very soft skin for you.


Tell me if you have any lush experience. I have become one of the biggest lush fan.


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