How to Use iPad to Set Up Google Chromecast Dongle on TV

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Note: This tutorial speaks specifically to my observations regarding the described processes. Your experiences and outcomes may vary.

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This guide offers a summary of the steps I followed while using an iPad (3rd gen) to set up a Google Chromecast. Visit if you have issues/questions.

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As of July 30, 2013, with a Chromecast dongle and an iPad you will be limited to casting videos to a TV via the NetFlix and YouTube apps. Both apps also worked with my iPhone 4.


At the time this guide was prepared, a web browser was the only way to configure a Chromecast while using an iPad. A Chromecast iOS setup app is expected in the iOS App Store in the future.

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To begin, plug the appropriate end of the USB cable into the Chromecast dongle and the other end into a power supply. 2) Plug power supply into a power outlet. 3) Plug the dongle into TV's HDMI input.

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Go to in a web browser. You will see the Welcome screen. Tap "Setup with Browser" button. Note: A Chromecast iOS setup app is expected in the iOS App Store in the future.

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Read and accept the Chromecast Privacy and Terms before continuing.

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When you see this screen on your TV, tap the "Yep, Got It" button.

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You will need to multitask by opening the Settings app on the iPad and selecting Chromecast (your number) in the Wi-Fi network list. Return to the web browser and tap the "Next" button.

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If you a matching Chromecast code on your TV, tap the "That's My Code" button.

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If the Wi-Fi network is correct, type in the password (if needed) and change the Chromecast name to something you prefer. Tap the "Next" button.

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Wait for Chromecast to be configured. Note: This process took me a couple of tries before it successfully configured my Chromecast.

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I had a problem on this step until I realized I needed to open the Settings app and select my Wi-Fi network instead of the Chromecast. Then I returned to the setup instructions and tapped "Next."

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Chromecast is now configured and ready for use. As of July 30, 2013, you can cast video to a TV with the YouTube and Netflix apps on your iOS mobile device. No other features are currently supported.

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