How to Use Half a Chair to Hang Clothes in the Evening

I simply post this because for each bedroom guide I create someone comments on those chairs

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So I get it, you love those half chairs. They are great for dropping your clothes in the evening. Create your own pair in less than half an hour (after shopping for supplies).


You can use any old wooden chair your have. Be careful when using upholstered chairs!

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We used the cheapest wooden chair we could find for this project (IKEA Ivar). The two horizontal bars are good for hanging trousers & shirts, the knobs on top are good for jackets.

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Saw off about 5/6 of the chair (leave about 6 to 8 centimeters). You can paint it any colour you like - before or afterwards, it doesn't matter.


In case you have no jigsaw: Borrow one at a hardware store or ask them to saw it for you.

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We used an L-bracket to mount the chairs to the wall.

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You're already done.

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We have them for years now, this picture is from our old appartment. They're really useful! Now go, build your own.

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You can still use the other half as a wall- mounted stool! This is great to sit down when putting on your shoes. Nothing gets wasted...


This idea came from G.V.M from the Netherlands, all credit goes to him/her. You can find the original instructions on - search for "bedroom dress boys"

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