How to Use ASL Slang (American Sign Language Slang)

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ASL has slang and acronyms just like any other language. So that's what this guide is about. So I must stress that the signs I'm sharing in this guide are not proper ASL.


These are equivalent to acronyms such as LOL for Laughing Out loud and the old "L" hand shape to the forehead to mean loser. Sometimes they're just fun ways to say things.

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I'll start with the most common one. This hand shape is iconic to ASL. It means "I Love you". The index finger and thumb form an L. Little finger is "I". Little finger and thumb are Y. I+L+Y.

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In this one and the next one. My two eyes represent two O's. So in this one my right hand is a "C" hand shape and my left hand is a "L" hand shape. Combines with my eyes this says "COOL".

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Just like the last one but one hand is an "L" and the other is a "K". With my eyes this says "LOOK".

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In this one both my hands are a "W" hand shape and my mouth is an "O". WOW!!!!


Well there you have it. Just a few fun ASL slangs. Again I must stress that these aren't proper signs. Just fun variations and abbreviations. They can also differ from location. Just like English.


I hope someone finds these entertaining. Have fun!

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