How to Use a Canon T3i DSLR

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To turn on the camera, flip the switch next to the Mode Dial to ON. Turn the Mode Dial until the green "A" (Automatic) symbol is next to the white line.

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To zoom, turn the large barrel with the gold line. The small barrel in the front can be used for focus, but only if the camera is set to Manual Focus.

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To switch to Manual Focus, flip the switch from AF (Auto Focus) to M (Manual focus).

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To take a picture, push and release the round button at the front of the camera.

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To change shooting modes, turn the Mode Dial. A-DEP, M, Av, Tv, and P are manual and semi-auto modes. All other modes are preset Auto modes for various shooting situations.

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The T3i has a LiveView capability so you can use the screen to preview instead of the traditional view finder. To use LiveView, press the red button next to the view finder.

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To record video, turn the Mode Dial to the Video Mode. To begin recording video, press the LiveView button.

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To remove the memory card, open the card slot on the right side of the camera by sliding it out. Then press the card in to eject. Be sure to reinsert the card correctly.

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To change batteries, open the battery slot on the bottom of the camera by sliding the switch. Then slide the grey clasp to the side to eject the battery. Push the battery in to reinsert.

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You can attach a Shotgun microphone for better audio. Slide the mic into the top of the DSLR. Twist the circular lock to the left to fasten. Turn the mic on by moving the top switch to the middle.

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Plug the microphone into the side of the camera.

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Now you're a DSLR expert!

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