How to UP-CYCLE Some Plastic Bottles Into a Planter

This is only one example... Gardens are for your imagination to show its WILD SIDE hehe

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Some random junk that will HOLD GROWING MEDIUM

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Mark plastic drink containers where u will cut. The blue indicates cutting area.

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Bend up the "flap cut" (this is where your plants will merge from) then cut away "feeder hole" (this is where u will water, ventilate your plants from)

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Mark a hole in the lid centre for drainage

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Use a sharp tool to make the hole where u just marked

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Stack your bottles side by side in an old pellet or something to hold them up (i have used panty hose stapled to a board before lol)

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Bigger bottles can be just cut in half and squash the top half inside the bottom half upside down. Cut a straight line thru any creases and tape secure to get a snug fit

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Fill the top with sugar cane mulch then add water to fill the base just above the neck of the inserted section


Your all ready for seedlings or seeds. The vertical "flap cut" bottles are best for seeds as this makes a MICRO GREEN HOUSE :) Have fun n get WILDLY CREATIVE :)

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