How to Turn Trash Into Treasure

I found this chair sitting by the dumpster at my mother in laws apt. I love seeing the beauty in things that others cannot see.

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I found this medal chair sitting by a dumpster. Immediately I brought it home.


First thing to do is wipe away all dirt from chair making sure to remove any rust spots. Use primer to prep the chair for paint. Choose paint of choice ( I love the black 2x coat from Joann's fabric.

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I found this lovely fabric on sale at Joann's Fabric store for $6/yd. 1 yard covered 2 chair cushions with some to spare. Use foam, staple gun to upholster the cushion.


I decided to paint the chair black giving it a nice classic look. After you upholster cushion, use drill or screwdriver to secure seat back on the frame. Now stand back and admire the beauty.

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Final result and total investment $10!

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