How to Treat a Minor Steam Burn

Most people get steam burns while cooking, but they don't know how to treat them. With this guide, I'll show you the proper way to treat and care for a steam burn. Bye for now!!

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This is my steam burn I got a week ago. I've been treating it and it's much better now.

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These are all of my supplies. I prefer to use Bio-Oil, but you could use any other scar treatment you have on hand.

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Thoroughly wet the paper towel.

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Squeeze out excess water till damp. Make sure to leave just a tinny bit of water left in the paper towel.

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Hold the damp paper towel on steam burn until pain stops. What ever you do, DO NOT ice it. It only makes the pain worse.


Depending on how long you keep the paper towel on, you might need to repeat steps 3 and 4. After that, wipe off any excess water.

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Spay on the anitseptic.

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Wipe off the antiseptic around burn only. Be careful not to wipe the accual burn its self.

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Add a band-aid and leave it alone till the next day.


In the morning, take of the band-aid so the burn can breathe. Before you go to bed, repeat steps 7-9.

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Once it starts to heal, put on the scar treatment. Use as often as directed on box. (note the shiny Bio-Oil on arm)


Hope it feels better soon!!! Bye for now!!

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