How to Transform Your Eyes

A simple & inexpensive way to give yourself dramatic eyes in 10 minutes! :)

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Gather supplies! For everyday wear I use Bourjois mascara from Superdrug (£8.99), Avon eyeliner (£2), Rimmel eyebrow pencil (Asda £1.79) and falsies from the pound shop!

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Now this is what I look like with absolutely nothing on my eyes!

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We need a dramatic black line! The easiest way to draw a perfect line on your lids is to dot along the lash line with your pencil eyeliner then join them up with your liquid eyeliner.

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I draw my line right down into the corner of my eyes but you can stop or start where you like and go as thick or thin as you want!

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Add your usual mascara, I usually do about 3 coats. They don't need to look perfect.

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While you wait for your mascara to completely dry, I usually fill in my eyebrows. Give them a good comb first!

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Lightly draw in small strokes following the direction of the hair growth.

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Apply glue to your falsies! Remember to wait 30 seconds before applying.

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Stick your falsies as close to your own lash line as possible. Press on for 10-15 seconds.

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Add another layer of mascara to hold your false lashes in place!

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You're done! Prepare to dazzle! ;)

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