How to Transfer Pictures From Your Camera to Your iPad

This guide shows how to import pictures from a digital camera to an iPad using a USB adapter for iPad. For this guide I am using a canon 5d mark ii but most cameras or iPhones and iPod touch will do

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You will need a n iPad USB adapter

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You will also need the USB cable that came with your camera

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Plug the USB cable in the adapter

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Plug the cable in your camera and make sure it is turned on (most cameras get in transfer mode as soon as you plug them in the iPad some others might need some setup you'll find answers in the manual)

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Now plug the adapter in your iPad the camera app will launch automatically an will ask you to pick which pictures or video you want to import or import all the puctres

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You will then be asked if you want to keep the photos or delete them from your camera


This is it !!! The photos and videos are now part of your iPad photo library. Enjoy😃

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