How to Tie a No-Show Shoe Lace Knot

Sometimes you might want to wear shoes without a big bow on top.

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When lacing the shoe, have the last loop through the eyelets going down into the shoe. Also, I usually leave the last eyelet open for fitting reasons.

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Notice the lace going downward into the shoe.

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Next, position the laces to cross (right over left) at the tip of the toe of the shoe.

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I use a square knot to tie the laces. Start by placing the right lace over the left lace.

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Next, pull the the right lace over and around the left lace.

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Then, have the new 'left lace' go over and around the new 'right lace'.

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You should now have two connected loops that will pull tight.

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Notice how the completed knot ends right at the the end of the shoe. If needed, you can always add or subtract length of the laces by retying the square knot.


Tuck the laces under the tongue of the shoe. Make sure to push the laces all the way to the front of the shoe so they're out of the way of your toes.

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The finished product!

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You should be able to go without tying the shoes for some time, but eventually the laces will start to get a little loose fitting. If this happens, just pull the laces tight from the base and re-tuck.

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