How to Tell When Your iPhone Is Tracking You

This guide shows a method that forces your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to tell you if an app is currently sourcing your location

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Many of us have seen this pop up asking for an application to know our location, I normally click "Ok" without thinking but what does this actually mean?

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The default setting on you iDevice is to not show you when your location is used which can mean you can be unknowingly tracked

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Open up your settings panel, on the fourth drop down bar you should see "Location Services" now tap on it

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This is where you can control which apps are able to use your location, as you can see I have a sleuth of apps that are allowed to see my location, turn off any unused apps as this also saves battery

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Scroll down and you'll see a link called "System Services" tap this and it'll open a new page

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This is the system services, if you scroll down you'll see an option called "Status Bar Icon" if you enable this, all apps that use your location are forced to display an arrow in your status bar

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This is the icon you should see, if your concerned about how often you see it, turn off some of the apps. Please note that this does not apply to any tracking that Apple may do

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