How to Tag Your Way to More Likes & Follows on Instagram

A step-by-step guide on using the new Instatag App to add relevant hashtags, which helps others find, like and follow your feed.

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Disclaimer: I don't work for and am not being paid for this guide by the guys at Instatag. But I do know the developers and am impressed at what they have made.

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I'm going to show you how to use the new Instatag app to find the best hashtags for your Instagtam photos. This helps others to find, like and follow your Instagram feed.

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To start, here is a photo I've taken and uploaded to Instagram. I'm going to keep this one unfiltered and click on the green tick to confirm.

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This takes me to the caption screen, where I've already added a brief description. Now it's time to add my hashtags. Here's where it gets interesting.

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Rather than enter all the tags manually, I double tap the home button to open the app tray and select Instatag App (far left).

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Here is the Instatag home screen. Where you can select from a number of different hashtags categories. To start I'm going to click on my favourite, the Location category.

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Here are the location tags that Instatag has discovered at the spot where the photo was taken. The #Laundromat and #Melbourne are at the top, both accurate, relevant tags.

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Pressing each hashtag adds it to the list above. Pressing again removes it. Here I've added my first tag #laundromat.

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Now I can go through the whole list of hashtags and see which Location ones relate to my photo. I've found a few more on the list including #northmelbourne (the suburb the photos taken in) .

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Back to the home screen. Next, I'm going to see what's in the Top 40 tags on Instagram.

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I'm going to add a few more from the Top 40, including #jj which runs great daily competitions.

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Now I'm going to look in Scenery to see if anything fits with the photo.

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Yep, there's one of my go-to tags #streetphotography. As you can see all the tags are being added together up the top, I'm at 11 tags now.

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The next step is to add custom tags (found under My Tags.

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I already had a few saved from before, one of which is my local Instagram group #igersmelbourne. Now I'm going to add a new custom tag.

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Here you can enter your own custom tags, I'm adding #coinlaundry.

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And there it is added to the top of the list.

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Now I have all my tags, I'm just doing a check as to whether I'm happy with them all. Clicking on the list of tags takes you to the edit screen.

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Here you can delete tags individually with a single press or all at once by clicking in the top-right corner. Because I take lots of shots in the area, I'm going to save the list (bottom-left).

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I'm calling the list 'North Melbourne'

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Clicking on the circled button in the top-left shows you all your saved lists for easy reference and quick upload.

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Here are the saved lists. Multiple list can be useful if you run photo walks, contests or have multiple accounts to juggle.

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Now we're ready to add the tags into Instagram. All you have to do is press on the button in the top-right corner (circled). This copies the tags and switches into Instagram.

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Instatag loads up the last Instagram screen opened. In this case, the caption screen. Press where you want to add the hashtags and then manually paste them in.

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And here are the tags pasted in.

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Here's the uploaded photo with all the hashtags below.

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The same post after half an hour with likes and comments coming in. And we're done!

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Please feel free to ask questions on any slide. You can also find me on or @mishobaranovic (Instagram and Twitter).

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When looking for Instatag in the App Store make sure you download "Instatag - Hashtags for Instagram" (the one with the good ratings) as others have already tried to copy the app.

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You can also contact the Instatag guys at or @instatagapp (Twitter/Instagram).


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