How to Style Your Infinity T Shirt Scarf - the Chain

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The Chain - Check out how to get this look with your MonkeyTeeMonkeyDo infinity t-shirt necklace scarf.


If you have a multi coloured infinity scarf pick one colour for the necklace strands (about 6 or so -scarves may vary). In this example I chose the orange strands of my blue & orange t shirt scarf.

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Hold all of your strands together with one hand at each end. Keep one hand still while you twist the other end of the scarf twice.


While still holding the two ends once twisted, bring them together then slide & pull your hands away from each other. You will see the two ends are now connected in a chain link like fashion.

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Demo of "The Chain" and how to get the complete look.


Ta Da! Now rock that MonkeyTeeMonkeyDo t-shirt necklace scarf! Mix & match the colours or wear as a solid as we did here or add more strands for a fuller look, whatever rocks your socks! Have fun :)

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