How to Straighten Hair Like a Pro

Want to learn how to flawlessly straighten hair.. Here's the guide. With the right products, I've seen clients pay $90 and up for a straightening service.

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Start with clean, shampooed hair. Section the hair to stay in control.

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Blow dry with a natural bristle round brush and a blow dryer with a concentrator attachment.

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Work in 1/2" sections & hair 90-degrees from its section to get closer to the scalp. Bring iron down hair strands slowly, don't rush. Hold comb IN FRONT of iron if you need to use the teeth of comb.

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Comb ALWAYS in front of iron. Work at a slower pace, don't rush.. Would you pay $90+ for a rush job? Plus, the hair will look more 'pro' if you take your time.

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NEVER use teeth of comb BEHIND the iron. It will leave separations. Wait until you're completely done with entire head, let cool, them comb. Remember, comb in FRONT of iron. NO TEETH after the iron!

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This is what-NOT-to-do...see the teeth separations in the hair.. That's what your whole head will look like if you do this. You want a PRESSED look, not a separated look.

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Before; natural curly hair. After, paper & silky straight. Once the hair has cooled, the teeth of the comb can be used. Try it, it makes a world of difference!

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Remember to work in neat, clean sections holding the hair 90-degrees from the head to get close to the roots. A true-ceramic or tourmaline iron will make this a 1-pass per-section job.

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Be sure to use a thermal protectant before ironing. Depending on what products are used, you can 'bake' conditioners into your hair. What a treat! Have fun & notice the difference!

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