How to Sprout Seeds

I just got my sprouting seeds in the mail and thought I would share the steps with everyone! :)

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I ordered the sample kit from the Sprout House of amazon and it came with free shipping, I believe it's only for limited time (free shipping). The directions on how to sprout is on the package

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Example of what the package looks like.

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I soaked the sprouting seeds in water over night (8-9 hrs) and poured out the water and rinsed. The cheesecloth is there to keep the seeds in the jar but allow you the rinse the seeds and dump water

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Example of what the jar should look like. Sprouting can take 3-7 days depending on what you are sprouting.

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I let them soak over night and poured out the water in the morning then rinsed. I placed my jar in the kitchen by a window.

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After one day you can already see them starting to sprout.


After they sprout you can use them for anything.. Salads, wraps, panini (my fav)


If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment because this is my first time sprouting! :)


**YOU DON'T HAVE TO PLANT SPROUTING SEEDS.. My husband asked me where I was going to plant them so I thought I should add that! :)

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