How to Shake a Cocktail Shaker

It's a craze. The cocktail shaker is everywhere. Using a shaker effectively is key to chilling the liquid, without watering it down.

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But can you really call something a craze even if it's been around since before prohibition? The cocktail shaker is a must in every bar set up. What should you buy?


There are 3 types of shakers. The one you'll see most in bars -- which looks like 2 glasses placed one inside the other -- is called a Boston shaker. Another called the French shaker is barely used.

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So that leaves us with the Cobbler. It is made up of 3 pieces -- the base, a cap and the built in ...

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Strainer. This allows for the liquid to be transferred, leaving bits of ice in the shaker so it doesn't water down your drink.

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To help us test your shaking skills we'll make a drink called the "Jane Revival". You'll need some Scotch, amaretto and Lillet Rouge. You can substitute the Lillet with sweet red vermouth.


Drop a 1/2 oz of Scotch, a 1/2 oz of amaretto and 1 oz of Lillet Rouge in the shaker. Get ready a martini or rocks glass. Or a fox glass ... More on that later.

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Drop in 2 to 3 shots of bitters. You can use the ubiquitous Angostura bitter but I prefer a more citrusy bite for this drink. I'm using Hella Bitters from Brooklyn.

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Now add the ice. This is ALWAYS done at the end as not to dilute the cocktail. The chunkier the ice the better. Place the strainer and cap and get ready to ...

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Shake. It's almost like doing a figure 8 but with a wrist twist. Keep going till you see the shaker frost over. You'll also feel your hand get very cold -- almost unbearable.

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Now you can strain this Jane Revival into a martini glass. I just remembered I don't own one so I'm using a fox glass. Garnish with a slice of orange rind, complimenting the Lillet and bitters.


½ Ounces Scotch
½ Ounces amaretto
1 Ounce Lillet Rouge
2 shots of bitter
1 Cocktail shaker
1 Rocks or martini glass
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