How to Seed a Pomegranate

Here is an easy way to seed a pomegranate that does not involve water!

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First you want to cut off this end of the pomegranate.

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I may have gone too deep here but you get the idea.

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Next, use a knife to score the skin of the fruit as if you we're getting ready to break it into quaters.

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Use the knife to split the fruit in half. Press the knife into the center of the fruit, aligned with the cuts you made in the skin. Twist the knife and the fruit should crack in half.

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Hold one of the halves in your palm, seeds down, over a large bowl. With the back of a wooden spoon, hit the fruit to dislodge the seeds. They should fall out of the fruit and between your fingers.

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Here is the other half. You don't have to grip the fruit very much, just let it rest in your hand as you whack it. This should get most of the seeds out. Scrape out seeds that are left behind.

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And that is it! Super easy and kind of fun :)

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