How to Replace the License Plate Bulb on a 2008 Dodge

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Locate the license plate on the back of the pickup and look to the left and right to find what bulb is burnt out and needs replaced.

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Lay down and look under the bumper and you should see something that looks like the picture above. There should be wires that are covered in a black cover that goes into a plug (I need a carwash).

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Grab the plug and twist to the left softly (maybe right) once you twist the light should pull out. When I pulled my light out of the socket I was laying down looking up at it and dirt fell in my eyes.

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Grab the light with one hand and grab the plug with the other hand and pull them apart. The light should just come right about of the plug. At this point don't throw away the light!!

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To find another light go to NAPA Auto Parts or the local Wal-Mart. When I bought mine it was only $6.00. Go back to the pickup and put the light into the plug and twist the plug back into the socket.

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The reason why I did this guide was because late at night one time I was driving home and got pulled over by the cop. I wasn't speeding (well by that much). The officer came up to me...............

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and told me that my light was out! He checked over my stuff and then told me to get it fixed and he went on his way! Instead of taking your pickup in to a shop just do it yourself!

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