How to Remove Electro Pump From D4F Engine

Electro pump will last on 130000 KM mileage. Brush in it will warn out. We can replace it with cost less than RM150 instead of replace new unit at RM2500.

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This how its look after remove it from engine Renault D4F. Electro pump is the most right side of this picture.

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This is from another side. Electro pump is the most left in this pictures.

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The one looks like motor is electro pump. We have to remove 3 screw using L-Key type 6-star.

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We will loosen up 1 nuts. Size 13. Pull out the pump and oil will come out. We can close it with a plastic bag and rubber band.

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Successful remove. Do not open this electro pump unless you know what you are doing. We remove this out to send it for service at alternator workshop. They will do the rest.

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