How to Remove a Medeco Deadbolt

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There are many reasons you may need to remove a Medeco deadbolt. In my case I needed new keys and did not have the key card, so the entire cylinder had to be taken to a locksmith for duplication.

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This is what a Medeco deadbolt looks like from the outside.

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This is what it looks like from the inside. The first step is to remove the knob or thumturn.

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On the side closest to the point if rotation there is a small set screw with a hex head.

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You will need a small hex key or Allen key/wrench. On my lock it is a 1/16" head, but I've heard that others are 5/64". I got this set from Harbor Freight for $8.

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Turn the knob so that you get the most access to the set screw. This will probably slide the bolt do have the door open! Use the long end of the hex key for leverage and turn just enough to loosen.

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The knob should pull off easily. If not loosen the screw some more. The plate around the shaft covers the screws. Use a pin to pry it off.

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With the plate off the screws that hold the lock together are exposed. Note the position of the shaft - it if offset.

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Use the coin to unscrew the bolts. Hold the exterior lock because it will all come apart.

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The exterior consists of the cylinder with the keyhole and a metal ring.

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Cylinder on left and surrounding ring on right.

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On the interior facing side of the door there is a surround for the piece that contains the bolts. Don't forget to put this on when remounting.

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Note the metal tongue that turns the bolt. Be sure to line this up with the slot in the bolt mechanism for reassembly.

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There is a much smaller metal tongue on the lock cylinder that must be lined up with the slot in the bolt mechanism for reassembly.

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