How to Relieve the Itch From a Mosquito Bite

Stop the itch with these helpful tips.

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Yes. It happens to all of us. If you are looking to stop that irritable itch you are in the right place! I have some helpful tips and tricks to make that bite stop being so itchy.

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First gather your supplies. Make sure you check off every item on the supply list.

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First of all to prevent this situation all together go to your local dollar store or supermarket and purchase a can off any brand of bug spray. I prefer OFF! because it doesn't have a strong scent.

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For the first remedy take some water and pour a cup of salt into it and mix. Now submerge of soak the bite in the saltwater to relieve some of the itch.

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Now take your household tube of toothpaste and put a dab on your finger. Now rub the toothpaste on the bite to take away the itch from the bite.

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Now use your fingernail to make an X in the bite. What this does is it disperses the protein, taking the itch away for a while.

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Now put any type of bandage on the bite to keep you from scratching the bite open and turning it into a scab. You may skip this step if you have amazing self control.

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Now put some ice in a paper towel and wrap all up to make a makeshift ice pack. If you have an ice pack you can use that as well.

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Now take you ice pack and press on the bite. What this does is it takes away swelling by slowing the blood flow to the bite which also takes the itch away.

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If the itch is persistent you can use a topical anesthetic. Now with these tricks you can win against those darn skeeters and beat the itch!

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